We all love products that can do double duty and the Neoprene Zombie Face Mask can actually serve triple duty and perhaps much more. To look at this facemask is a bit scary, which is actually part of the fun and you can certainly build a Halloween costume around it or just scare the dickens out of that nosy neighbor next door. However, it does provide a couple of more serious functions that may just make this face mask a must have item for cold weather wear.

To begin with, neoprene is not a new material. It has been around since the 1930s and with new technologies being developed all the time, this material is being used more and more often. This is the material that wet suits are made out of and has been used in military masks for some time now. Neoprene is actually a great material to use for masks as it has many features that have proven themselves quite useful.

Neoprene masks whether a zombie face mask or some other style is wind and water-resistant and really keeps your face warm without causing it to sweat. This means that Bikers, snowmobilers and those poor people who spend hours out in the cold and wind have great protection for their face. Which means that you won’t be seeing any chilblains on people wearing these masks! Okay, so the zombie face mask will keep these people warm and add a fun aspect to that snowplowing or bike riding. It will certainly gain attention as well.

There are several nice things about the zombie mask. One size fits all, it has a Velcro back for easy fitting and it is both sturdy and easy to clean. It also fits well with a helmet and goggles so safety isn’t an issue with this facemask. n95 mask

Of course, let’s face it; this zombie face mask isn’t for everyone. You really need to have a sense of fun to pull off wearing something this crazy when you are riding down the road or waving to those cars from your snow covered driveway. You also can’t be the shrinking violet type that minds getting a few stares or that second look. Just wear this mask for a ½ hour or so and you’ll be surprised at just how many people actually do have swivel necks.

Come to think of it, who wouldn’t want a neoprene zombie face mask? It keeps your face warm under the coldest conditions, keeps the rain and bugs off you when riding that motorcycle, is easy to clean, fun to wear, a real attention getter and can scare the dickens out of all sorts of people. Who can ask for anything more?